Helping your pet adjust to blindness

Sweetie Pie’s Eyes

Sweetie Pie is my 7-year old chihuahua/Maltese female furry friend. Four months ago, we were walking off-leash in our familiar neighborhood park and Sweetie Pie wandered off in a different direction… one she had never taken before.

Now everyone who knows Sweetie Pie knows that she likes her routine, and she is a creature of habit. So when she broke with tradition and wandered off to the left, it caused me some concern. Then when she went bonk into the fence, then bonk again as she tried to get past the fence… I knew something was very wrong.

Since this occurred on a Saturday morning, I was able to get Sweetie Pie right into the vet’s office that day. It was confirmed… Sweetie Pie was indeed blind and my vet suspected that it was retinol atrophy. It was recommended that we take Sweetie Pie to the canine ophthalmologist for further tests and diagnoses and so it was confirmed again… Sweetie Pie was indeed blind. Her diagnosis was progressive retinol atrophy and there was no known treatment. It is not painful for her… It’s just like the lights are always turned off.

So… My first job as doggy mommy and primary caretaker of Sweetie Pie was to make our home more handicap-friendly. No more leaving shoes around for my little blind angel with fur to stumble over! No more sloppy Mommy!

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