Helping your pet adjust to blindness

Luckily, Sweetie Pie–my newly blind 7-year-old dog–has a little sister, 4-year-old Frieda.

I was told by the doggie ophthalmologist that it will be very helpful for Sweetie Pie, since there is another dog in the house to act as a “seeing eye” dog.

At first, I did not observe any advantage at all. Sweetie Pie and Frieda just ran off their separate ways, as they usually do. However, one day about 2-1/2 months into the blindness, I noticed that Sweetie Pie was following Frieda more closely, and always seemed to sense where she was.

It was true… as long as Sweetie Pie (the blind one) could sense or smell where her canine sister was, she moved about with more confidence. Frieda, on the other hand, had also adjusted to her sister’s new handicap. Now instead of always leaving Sweetie Pie in the dust, she seemed to make sure to “touch bases” with her every now and then… almost as if she’s giving Sweetie some reassurance.

It seems like the more time that goes by, the more Sweetie Pie leans on her little seeing-eye doggie/sister. I’m glad she has a seeing sibling to help her have a more normal, playful life.

The doggies love Lake Tahoe!


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