Helping your pet adjust to blindness

There’s a commercial about a hockey mom who takes a car full of 10-year old hockey players to a very important game. Every time one of the kids takes a hit, the mom just cringes. I relate to that.

That’s how it feels when your doggy (or kitty) first goes blind. It just breaks your heart every time they bonk their nose into something… especially when they’re going fast.

Sweetie Pie is so smart! About two months into her blindness, she started carrying a small stuffed animal around with her a lot. Especially whenever she gets excited and knows that we are going to go out for a walk. As soon as we get outside, she gently puts the toy down. Then she picks it back up on the way back inside.

I noticed that she still bonked into things… but the stuffed toy softened the blow. What a genius doggy! See how adaptable they are?

But back to the title of this post….

When your pet first goes blind, they need assurance that you are near, so make sure to talk to them a lot. Let them know where you are. Tell them you’re coming up behind them so they won’t be startled. Eventually, their other senses will become keener and you won’t have to talk to them all the time. But at first, talking to them a lot will help your pet get their bearings.

It might make your neighbors wonder if you’re going meshuga, but… could be worse!



Comments on: "Mommy? Daddy? Hello? Are you there?" (2)

  1. SandySays1 said:

    Dedication is a wonderful thing. Thank you for being so supportive of Sweetie Pie. I know that my human would be there for me and if I’m ever in that position he and I will think of your post.

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