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Chia Seeds Rock

Yes, it’s true that I am a big fan of the benefits of chia seeds.

I use chia seeds in my power shake every morning and I add them to whatever else I eat throughout the day… pasta, salads, smoothies, etc.

And yes, I add chia seeds to my doggies’ lunch every day too.

I heard about chia seeds from my sisters, who both got good results in energy level and weight loss.

So I thought I would experiment with it, since I was looking to add nutrients and fiber into my diet as a natural remedy for improving high cholesterol.

Results so far… I have lost 9 pounds since July 1. Today is July 27th, so that’s 9 pounds in less than one month.

There is virtually no taste to the seeds. They are totally neutral and the closest thing you can compare its taste to is water (when it’s gelled), and ever so subtly nutty when they are raw.

I eat them two different ways:

1.) raw & crunchy, and

2.) as a gel with a tapioca-like texture. (You could also describe the gelled chia seeds as similar to tomato seeds.)

Once I got hooked on chia seeds, I purchased a special carafe so I always have chia gel fresh and at hand. Here’s what I bought:

And here’s how I buy my chia seeds:


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